Q. What are the qualifications for utility/rent assistance through CSBG?

A. Must have proof of crisis and state why you can’t pay your bill this month. Falling within the income guidelines will allow services from CSBG.


Q. Once approved, how long will it take the payment to process?

A. Within 30 days.


Q. What documents are required when applying?

A. Click Here


Q. When will assistance be available again for CSBG?

A. Every 12 months





Q. What is required for assistance through LIHEAP?

A. Crisis; documentation stating why you are unable to pay your bill.


Non-crisis; must fall within the income guidelines and prove residency in Lincoln Parish.


Q. What is Crisis/Non-Crisis?

A. Crisis; disconnect notice required. See link for additional documentation. Click Here


Non-Crisis; most expensive bill within the last 6 months. See link for additional documentation.


Q. How long will it take for the benefit amount to apply to Non-Crisis/Crisis?

A. Approximately 30-90 days.


Q. When will assistance be available for Non-Crisis/Crisis through LIHEAP?

A. Non-Crisis; every 6 months.

  • Crisis; once a year.



Transportation FAQ's


Q. Can minors take L.P.P.T.S.?

A. Children ages 14 & under must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible party


Q. Are L.P.P.T.S. drivers licensed to practice CPR?

A.L.P.P.T.S. is committed to the safe operation of the vehicle, including the safe boarding and deboarding of passengers.  Vehicles are inspected daily and are equipped with standard safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, first aid and HIV kits.  All drivers possess appropriate licenses and are trained in Defensive Driving Courses and CPR techniques.


Q. Does L.P.P.T.S. operate in severe weather conditions?

A. L.P.P.T.S. does not operate in severe weather conditions.  Should such conditions occur, L.P.P.T.S. will notify local radio stations for broadcast.  If time permits, follow-up phone calls will be made by the dispatcher.


Q. Does L.P.P.T.S. vans accommodate passengers with disabilities?

A. Passengers, with disabilities which may require an escort, are responsible for obtaining one.  Service animals are allowed for disabled persons requiring such.  Passengers requiring mobility aids, such as wheelchairs, must provide such aids.  Every effort will be made to accommodate all mobility aids.


Q. When passengers take a trip with L.P.P.T.S., can passengers stop at more than one destination per trip?

A. Yes, L.P.P.T.S. can fulfill this request. For example, passengers may be picked-up from their doctors’ appointment and taken to fill their prescription at the pharmacy; medically related stops are covered by the provider and will have to be scheduled in advance through the provider. Nonmedical stops are an extra fair and must be scheduled 24 hours prior to the trip.


Q. How far in advance should passengers schedule nonmedical trips with L.P.P.T.S.?

A. At least 24 hours in advance. See fair schedule: