Employment Information and Referral

Agency provides referrals to individuals seeking employment.



Utility assistance is provided to assist low-income households with the cost of heating and cooling.


Food Baskets

Food Baskets are provided to persons/families experiencing a food crisis.


Prescription Drugs

Agency will assist in purchasing prescription medicines.


Information and Referral

Information and referrals are provided to persons seeking assistance not provided by the H.E.L.P. Agency.


Child Care Assistance

Agency will provide financial assistance for child care for children of low-income working families.



Agency will conduct or participate in forums to explain what Community Action is and solicit cooperation from the public and private sectors in meeting the needs of disadvantaged individuals.


Family Counseling

Agency provides information, to low-income families, regarding how to establish and maintain a household budget.


Homeless Assistance

Agency provides assistance to homeless and potential homeless families with shelter expenses.


GED Referral

Encourages and provides referrals to persons interested In obtaining Equivalency Diploma.


Summer Youth Employment

Agency will provide low-income youth with work experience to improve employment skills and provide additional household income.


Weatherization Intake

Agency will process applications for Weatherization and through coordination with partners, dwellings will be weatherized and households will realize a reduction in heating/cooling cost.


Project Greenwood

In collaboration with the Ruston Housing Authority, H.E.L.P. will take a major role in preserving the recreation center located in the targeted low-income area and serving low-income children and families.


Food for Seniors

In collaboration with the Lincoln Council on Aging, H.E.L.P. will provide meals 5 days a week for low-income seniors unable to prepare meals for themselves.


Transportation Assistance

Individuals without any other means of transportation can contact us. Bus tickets will be provided to low-income individuals to assist in transportation to medical appointments. Medicaid clients receive no-cost transportation. Contact the number on the back of your card.


Food for the Holidays

Food baskets will be provided for low-income senior citizens during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.


Pencils to Pens

Agency will assist in the purchase of school supplies and uniforms for low-income elementary-high school-aged youth.